Why Vote Independent? 


The Clark County Council does not make partisan decisions, so why vote Democrat or Republican for this position?  

  • I am INDEPENDENT from both parties’ demands and am committed to representing ALL OF YOU, not some of you -- working for the best public policy solutions.  

  • I am INDEPENDENT of developers. I have never worked in the real estate industry, like most of the Clark County Councilors past and present. I will approach development and growth from a balanced and fair perspective. 

  • I am an INDEPENDENT and open-minded private property owner like you, and want to protect my rights and hear all perspectives on these issues.  

  • I have extensive experience working INDEPENDENTLY and alongside both political parties. I have been a member of many collaborative working groups, including the South Gifford Pinchot Collaborative, where I currently represent hunters and anglers.  


Please vote INDEPENDENT for a nonpartisan, balanced, fair, and affordable approach to growth, and send me your ideas of what you would like to see from the Clark County Council. 

Thank you for your support!